The Angelic Series
White Angel
acrylic and body colour on real chalk gesso
40 x 20 cm 

A depiction of Time
through Timelessness

My drawing has always been quietly devotional, and the work is unusually focused upon the creation of a devotional object. The works have no connection to what is sometimes termed new age, nor do they reflect a religious belief. The drawings are observational.

I draw in silence, because it is a meditative process. I work directly from life and on location. The drawings are sometimes tiny and sometimes very large, sometimes completed over a length of time, sometimes moments. The sense of time is brought into the schema of the drawing. The marks are sometimes highly controlled and sometimes wildly expressive.

The drawings of places and objects reflect their history, and where appropriate, their future. On occasion, I observe the footprint of weather patterns and the way that extinction and evolution has determined our relationship to a landscape.The work gently asks for quietude from the viewer, and the ability to hold a longer than average attention span.

The Channelled Drawings                                

The radical drawings are composed of channelled observations of both material and subtle form. The works also depict the tacit balance of chaos and order within the collective elements that compose the mineral, plant and unseen quanta kingdoms. The drawings are a recognition of the various types of spirit that occur in the everyday reality of our planetary life, including landscape and plant worlds and farther afield to cosmological phenomena. Aspects of life in the multiverse are expressed in the work through pictorial waves of light and dark, via the delicate and spontaneous process of mark making on a surface. Each work encompasses and expresses an analysis of timelines, offering a positive acknowledgment of that which currently remains unproven.

During the drawing process, directed mental energy is infused into both the materials used and the imagery of space and form that they create. Therein, a presence is held, and the message of the work is fused within its materiality. With all that this implies, the works are occupied with both the emptiness and the thought-form filled aspects of space between objects. This acts as a constantly held imprint on a number of levels in both seen and unseen layers. This may be received as both a travelled and a momentary experience, which is overseen by an original memory.

Coral G Guest

Copyright/All rights reserved


Re-questing Balance 2008
Carbon and graphite over watercolour wash on paper
130 x 130 cm